Monday, January 19, 2009

What we are up too!

Keith and I will be going on a caribbean cruise at the end of march to all the places in the above picture!

MY first real vacation,actually both of our first real vacation.. we have to get a passport, WOOOHOOOO!!!


Say Hello, To the Healthy Eating, Two a Days of working out,Being Sore and the SAVING money until then.

BUT oh its so worth it!!! and Shoot i have all the vacation hours! so ima get PAID to go on this trip...


im sad your not going.. but if you were I couldnt go.. SO thank you for giving it to us!

( March is gonna be a busy month for everyone in Our big Family, finally the brady bunch will all be under one roof.. for the most part! - tara and i daily.. but we will be there more than not! )

WE CANT WAIT 60 days and counting!!!! We are so READY FOR THE SUN!!!

OH yah PS, I colored my hair a darker brown, it has taken some time to get used to it.. and i cant wait for it to wash out! (ill put a picuter up once i take one)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Me, Colton, and Tara at Coltons Birthday party -12/6-08

another group shot -12/13/08(like this one better)


Here are a couple new pictures :) Still trying to get our digital camera hooked up and posted. but thanks to Holly. My step mom I have my OWN digital camera now WOOHOO Thanks holly!Left to right, Holly, Me, Tara- on christmas day
Left to right, Keith, Little brother Joey (he's all dressed up to go to a birthday party,) Me, Colton, Tara, and in the middle in front of me is little brother Austin. (The Brady Bunch) HeHeHE 12/13/08
More Pictures to come, finally got them on my laptop.. :)