Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Pics of our first run on the lake for 2009

Tara and I at the boat launch

The boat is finally in the water

Joey Wake Surfing

The house from the boat launch

Startin the summer off Early.. Yesterday Actually

Pops and I - One of our first daddy daughter photos

Clean Car & Clean Boat - Now lets get the boat in the water and have some fun

Tara and I bring the 80's back getting ready to go tubin

The boat hooked up and ready to go

So yesterday 4/7/09, my brother and sister and I decided to meet up at our dads house and have a family dinner (we also decided we would do this weekly, to spend family time together that we never have been able to really have) Well since it was sunny.. My borother and I washed my car, then we washed the boat.. And waited for pops to get home so we could put the boat in... And sure enough we did.. Joey went Wake surfing.. and did AMAZING for the frist run of the season.. you would think he has been doing it all winter.. but nope he is just that good :)(good job bud). after joey was done, Tara and I decided to go tubein I was just going to go in my bathing suit but tara talked me into putting a wet suit on... (thanks tara) She picked out the one that reminds me of back in the 80's.. and I wore a black and purple one.. that matched my life jacket, we put our hair up in side pony tails (bringin back the 80's) and went tubein.. IT was so much fun!!! after we were done.. we jumped in and swam to the dock... IT WAS SO COLD.. but felt good!! a good way to bring in 2009 summer season!!!